Travelers 9


Tessa Inman

The first picture was taken at Miami South Beach. It was an amazing beach and the water was really warm. The second photo was taken in Key West during our helicopter tour and there were lots of thunderstorms the night before, so we were certain we would not be able to go. However we were so lucky and ended up being able to go, and it was awesome! The whole trip was lots of fun.



Atiya Clayton

Amazing vacation. It was my 40th birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Absolutely loved it.




Dillon Livingston

It was great. We spent almost all of our time just laying around on the beach enjoying ourselves. The hotel was very nice and all of the staff were super friendly.



Ashley Brandt

Our vacation in Miami was fantastic. I really appreciate your help with finding us hotels. We are really happy with the great service that we received from you.


Kira Jones

Our Punta Cana vacation was awesome sauce!!!! The beach was beautiful, the drinks were delicious and our resort was relaxing. We experienced some entertaining shows and the staff were pleasant. Can’t wait until our next getaway!



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